ZitSticka Killa Kit -The Patch That Destroys Your Zits!

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ZitSticka Killa Kit


Zits… enemy of the selfie and heralder of the pizza pie face. These awful boogers pop up without warning and seek to pronounce themselves in the loudest ways during the most awkward; and unconvenient times in life. FIGHT BACK! Get your hands on the ZitSticka Killa Kit –the Prince Charming of beauty that comes in the name of skincare to destroy your zits!



It’s a patch? Yup… and it’s effective. Don’t allow the size of this product to fool you. It may look small, but honey its power is mighty! ZitSticka’s patch is like no bigger than your average contact lense; but it gets in there to demolish a pimple like no other. How?

ZitSticka Killa Kit -The Patch That Destroys Your Zits



Well, let’s allow the ZitSticka brand to fill you in on those details. In regards to their amazing Killa Kit the beauty label says,

“For the deep, hard-to-reach zit. KILLA is a zit patch powered by ZitSticka’s signature microdart technology. These tiny microdarts self-dissolve to flood the epicenter of your early stage zit with targeted ingredients; clearing the upcoming drama before it gets real.



We were going to [say] something about our microdarts being like 24 terrifying fangs. But alas! That would be deceitful. These teeny microstructures are less about pain, and more about a firm tickle. Allowing our clean potion of ingredients to target zits where they start.


ZitSticka Killa Kit


[Furthermore] priming a deep zit before patch application, CLEANA is the perfect hype-man for KILLA. Elsewhere, CLEANA –soaked in exfoliating; de-stressing ingredients — can be used independently to placate a superficial zit’s appearance. The 16-piece kit includes: 8 Microdart KILLA Patches and 8 Soaked CLEANA Swabs.


ZitSticka Killa Kit


You know what’s important when treating zits, that no one really talks about? Hydration! Many spot treatments work super hard on the surface, but can dry your skin out to a desert like crisp in the process. Not ideal! ZitSticka is built on a backbone of hyaluronic acid; a superior moisture magnet that keeps your skin juiced up while it’s peer ingredients penetrate into the depths of your zit’s soul.”

The ZitSticka Killa Kit



Pretty cool right? As one can see, skincare has come A LONG way. Gone are the days of slathering on toothpaste and uttering several silent prayers. Now, salvation can come in the form of a patch. A patch primed and ready to help and get your skin to remain flawless!

Ready to take the ZitSticka  Killa challenge? Cool. Head on over to www.zitsticka.com to pick yourself up one of their kits. Each one currently retails for $29.



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