Zendaya Covers Vogue Hong Kong November 2020 Issue!

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Zendaya Covers Vogue Hong Kong


It is here and it is FABULOUS! Zendaya Covers Vogue Hong Kong November 2020 issue and serves up some gorgeous supermodel poses! In her stylish editorial visuals Coleman wears a plethora of designer garments.

Who exactly? Well, Zendaya’s renown as well as long-time stylist; Law Roach, dressed Z in some of the biggest fashion names. To name a few, brands such as:

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Christian Siriano


Zendaya Covers Vogue Hong Kong


Nonetheless, we also love the fact that Zendaya and Law like to show love to up and coming designers as well. For instance, Brody McCasland who is already on the CFDA radar has a look that is included in Daya’s fashion round up. Thus, rounding out the styling and proving that everyone deserves a shot when it comes to their work being adored and seen.


Zendaya Covers Vogue Hong Kong


Furthermore, this issue for the Zendaya and Law Roach team is BIG! Why? It is because this edition is the first Vogue credited cover for Law! So happy for both Daya and Law; as they are fastly becoming one of the most iconic fashion match-ups in couture history. Well, deserved accolades on the heels of Zendaya also taking home an Emmy award this year.

Zendaya Covers Vogue Hong Kong November 2020 Issue



So what other details can be gleaned in regards to this cover story of Zendaya? We went to VOGUE to find out. In regards to their November 2020 Hong Kong issue Vogue reveals,

“‘There is hope in the young people,’ said Zendaya as she accepted her recent Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress. Now Zendaya stars on the cover of Vogue Hong Kong’s November issue; styled by Law Roach and captured by photographer Djeneba Aduayom.

The Actress dressed in Louis Vuitton for the cover, talks exclusively to Vogue Hong Kong on how she’s managed fame from a young age; her history making Emmy award win; and her role in the soon to be released blockbuster Dune.”


Zendaya Covers Vogue Hong Kong


We love to see it! Zendaya is a serious talent who’s star only is getting brighter and brighter. Nonetheless, want to read the full scoop on Zendaya’s life and career? Vogue Hong Kong’s issue officially releases on November 3rd; at newstands, convenience stores and Bookzines.



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