You've Been Using Facial Cleanser All Wrong

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Have you been using facial cleanser all wrong? As they say time is money, but the fact is that most of us do not take enough time to really get the most benefits out of their cleanser. Therefore, what is the right way to cleanse the face so that gorgeous, healthy skin may be had?

You’ve Been Using Facial Cleanser All Wrong

It may come as some what of a surprise to learn that using facial cleanser comes with a bit of a time factor. It is more than a splash, soap up and splash again process. So then, how long should you be cleansing?

David E. Bank is a renown dermatologist who is based in Mount Kisco, New York. Bank reveals that it takes at least one minute for cleanser to do its thing and work. As a result, if you are spending less time than sixty seconds then you probably are not getting things as clean as they could be.

Young woman washing her face

Beauty Reflection Time: Are you taking enough time to properly clean your face? Clock yourself one day in order to know for sure!

Therefore, the key to all of this is to simply slow down. Give your cleanser the time it needs to get in there and clean out all the gunk and dirt that could cause break outs and other skin issues. Furthermore, to make things easier try using your phone’s timer so that you can get a full 60 seconds under your belt before rinsing. Your skin will thank you for the time well spent!

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