Your Guide To The Perfect Wedding Cake

Perfect wedding cake
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Your wedding cake is not something you settle on. It should be a masterpiece that is well showcased and leave a lasting impression. The following are steps that will help guide you in determining the right one for your special day.

Guide to the Perfect Wedding Cake

Step One

Today, there is no rule that a cake has to be “one” specific look. It can be bold and daring, soft and creative, or white and round. Brides have many choices, including designer looks that incorporate the look of the brides dress into the wedding cake itself. Determine your style, whether your style is a traditional white or a daring one with bold colors, or black and white formal cake.

Step Two

Learn the basics in designs. Not all wedding cakes are round. Popular shapes include square cakes, which are great for modern wedding styles; but, there are also hexagonal, petal shaped, oval and even triangle. There are also a number of choices in icing, including fondant and buttercream. Get to know the basics in designs before you begin your search for wedding cake bakers.

Step Three

Cakes can be costly; in fact, it can run up to $20 a slice and more. The more complex, the higher cost per slice. Fondant is generally more expensive than buttercream, and cakes with intricate detail and vibrant colors will cost more. One way to have a cake of your dreams, without the high cost, is to order a smaller scale version of the cake and have a sheet cake that you serve, as well.

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Step Four

Begin your search for your baker. Find bakeries local to your area that specialise in Wedding Cakes. If you are on a tight budget, an economic choice is a general bakery. Typically, wedding cake bakeries will charge more. Before you order your cake, read reviews on the bakery / baker, have a tasting of the different cake flavors and fillings, know what ingredients they use in their fillings and get a detailed quote.

Step Five

Your baker will ask for a deposit, and you should not put down a deposit until you have tasted the different cake flavors and their fillings, checked out the baker’s references, and have a detailed quote for your wedding cake in your hand. Also, be sure to discuss the bakery’s delivery policy, if any and how long before the day of your wedding they will make the cake. Some bakers make the cake anywhere from three to four days in advance of the wedding date.

Step Six

Determine how you will display your cake. You will have a world of choices in cake decorations like flowers, fabrics, motifs and colors. Your cake stand is something that should help to create a stunning appearance. Don’t choose a generic stand, choose one that displays your cake like a masterpiece. If your wedding is to be a ballroom wedding, a tall, traditional cake stand is ideal. For a spring garden wedding, fresh flowers are perfect. Also, be sure there is light to accent the cake in a romantic manner.

There are other considerations you want to be sure not to overlook in your search for the perfect cake / baker. One is the delivery policy of the bakery. If the bakery has a delivery policy, definitely have your cake delivered.

Your cake is going to be a centerpiece of your reception. Most often, the cake isn’t cut until the reception is nearing an end. However, it can be cut at any time during the reception. The above steps will help guide you in choosing the right wedding cake to help to ensure your dream of the perfect wedding do come true.

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