Workout Buddy - 3 Questions That Will Prove You've Found the Right One

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Workout Buddy

Every new year millions around the world resolve to get into the best shape of their lives. Social media profiles get changed, memes are posted and gyms become more packed than a can of sardines. However, then life sets in, goals slowly fall to wayside and the masses at the gym once again trickle down to just the regulars. It’s not that good intentions were not involved, it’s just that sometimes we all could use a little extra push in the right direction in order to keep going. With that being said, have you ever personally thought about looking for a workout buddy? Having the right one by your side can help you reach your fitness goals and at times even faster than you thought!

Yet, you will want to be a tad bit selective if you do decide to go this route. It’s like going shopping while looking for one thing in particular. There may be several variations available but only one will be a great fit do to perhaps the price, packaging and overall vibe. The same is true of a workout buddy. You want to select a buddy that will inspire, motivate, remain consistent and fit with your overall fitness goals and aspirations. So then, how in the world are you supposed to find the right one?

Workout Buddy – 3 Questions That Will Prove You’ve Found the Right One

Workout Buddy

A few of our fitness pro pals filled us in on a few reflective questions that can help. In regards to a potential workout buddy ask yourself:

  • Will this person be able to meet in order to workout on a regular basis? Remember consistency is major key to getting in shape. Moreover, if someone is flaky they are not for you!
  • Is this person supportive or quite discouraging when it comes to your fitness goals? Any one who projects negativity or laughs at your goals does not need to be around while you are in the process off becoming an even better, healthier you. Negativity can zap your energy as well as inner motivation. Therefore, ignore or cut off the haters. Misery loves company and everyone like that can set at their own table.

Workout Buddy

  • Will your buddy be able to not only keep up, but push you to work harder during workouts? A great workout buddy will not just be another talking head, but a friendly a dedicated pal to light a fire under you when things start to feel a little “lazy.” That type of person will not allow you to settle for mediocre.

Know of someone? Good! Use the above criteria when making your final selection and you as well as your future fitness buddy will be on your way to getting fit and toned!

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Workout Buddy

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