Work Music Video Released By Rihanna in 2 Versions

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Work Music Video Released By Rihanna in 2 Versions4

The Work teaser released last week left all Rihanna fans in quite a frenzy. However, the day of the big drop occurred today and Rihanna had even more surprises. The music video for Rihanna’s first single off her platinum selling Anti album had not one, but two versions! If you have been missing Rihanna videos it looks like she heard you loud and clear.

The first video takes place in a dancehall atmosphere. Rihanna and other club attendees dance and move to the beat for the duration of the video. If you love freestyle dance then this first version is definitely up your alley. However, it is the second video that really shows the chemistry as well as vibe between Rihanna and Drake who is featured on the song.

Work Music Video Released By Rihanna in 2 Versions

Work video number two has a very simple setup. Dimly lit neon room, couch and Drake looking on as Rihanna seductively moves. How do fans feel about the video versions. Here is what they are saying:

“The video was dope. Drake & Rihanna need to stop playing and date each other. The chemistry is very strong between them.”

“I love the second version with the pink room. Rihanna looks so young! Thumbs up to the chemistry between her and Drake.”

“I liked the first one but the ambience and vibes in the second one were stunning. You could really see how beautiful Rihanna was, just look at that face and figure!”

“Wow I never seen 2 versions of a video in 1. The first version seems better to me cuz it seems more you and the second one is what society wants (minus the [boob] flashing lol)”

“I want to twerk with this song But then I remember I don’t know how to lol”

Fashion Notes: Rihanna is a fashion icon so it makes sense that she would flex some designer fashion power in her video. During the dancehall video Rihanna does her thing in a design by Tommy Hilfiger. We are not too surprised by this couture statement. As we reported when Hilfiger first showed his collection, we felt that it was heavily influenced by Jamaican/Haitian/Islander culture. Being a fabulous island gal no doubt RiRi wanted her attire to reflect that.

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Work Music Video Released By Rihanna in 2 Versions5

Rihanna Wearing Tommy Hilfiger