Win Big! Tyra Beauty Baby Got Matte Giveaway!

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No one on this planet loves a good freebie more than all of us here at 1966! We are always on the hunt for a good deal. Therefore, when we got wind of Tyra Bank’s latest beauty news we just had to share! Got matte? Banks’ Tyra Beauty cosmetics line includes a gorgeous Baby Got Matte collection. If you follow the supermodel online you probably have noticed Tyra showcasing various tints. However, now you can add them to your beauty bag for FREE. So then Win Big! Tyra Beauty Baby Got Matte Giveaway!

Win Big! Tyra Beauty Baby Got Matte Giveaway

Tyra Banks is well known for teaching others and posing like no other! Thanks to her we all know how to smize and duckface. Nevertheless, now its time to put all that ANTM training to get use. Tyra Banks recently revealed how to win big for you and your best friend:

“Can you believe it’s already February?! Um, I cant’… But I’m still ringing in the mouth with a Baby Got Matte giveaway for you and your bestie! Here are the rules, boo: You post your BFF in the pic. Include @TyraBeauty and #BabyGotMatte in the caption and you’re entered to win! My team at Tyra Beauty HQ and I will be selecting the winner on [February 14th]. Winner gets our Baby Got Matte collection for themselves AND their BFF. So you’ve got some time to work on that selfie… Oh, and pro tip: we can’t see your pic if your profile is private! Post that fierceness publicly so you can be entered to win.”

Tyra Banks Rocking the Baby Got Matte in Cashmere

Alright dolls now you have the scoop on the Tyra Beauty Baby Got Matte Giveaway. Pose, slay and post those selfies! We hope you have fun with this one and of course… win big!

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