Will Smith to Star in New 'Concussion' Film

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This week Will Smith fans celebrated The Fresh Prince of Bel Air turning 25 years old! Yes, the original and very first episode of the hit sitcom premiered back in 1990. For more details and a quick trip down memory lane check out our tribute to the awesomely hilarious show.

Nevertheless, bringing it back to 2015 Will Smith’s career is still hot and in high demand. Smith has a new film slated to be released as part of the Christmas day blockbusters. Will stars in Concussion which centers itself around this common yet debilitating injury seen throughout sports.

Will Smith to Star in New 'Concussion' Film2

In the film Smith plays doctor Bennet Omalu who discovers the link between concussions and football players. Concussions do not always show their real damage until years after a player has ended his career. This movie takes an honest and riveting dive into the world of sports medicine. If you or your bae is a sports lover you will definitely want to check out Smith’s new movie.

Check out the trailer below!

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