Why NOT Skip Cardio- Halle Berry Reveals Why It's A Big Fitness Deal

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why not skip cardio

GET MOVING! While checking every IG update or chilling in front of a TV after a long day at school or work can sound like relaxing situation. Those activities won’t get you the body, skin or even hair that you are after. So it’s time to pick up some weights and more importantly really get that heart pumping. Here’s the REAL, no bull reason, why not skip cardio any time soon straight from Hollywood’s sexiest actresses, Halle Berry!

Why NOT Skip Cardio- Halle Berry Reveals Why It’s A Big Fitness Deal

why not skip cardio

Bond Girl. Catwoman. Storm. Red Carpet Queen. Halle Berry knows how to get and keep a great physique. PLUS, she also knows why it’s a good thing to do so. She recently shared some cardio benefits and why it is not something anyone should skip. She says,

“It’s Fitness Friday, may favorite day of the week! This week let’s break down some advantages of cardio! For me, cardio is an essential part of my work out; and I believe that my fitness regime is not complete without it!

why not skip cardio

Cardio and heart health can go hand in hand; it efficiently pumps blood through the body, balancing your Blood Pressure and resting heart rate. Looking for more? Cardio has go you covered! Other benefits I have experienced include:

-Improved memory.

-Increased circulation leading to clear, healthier skin.

-Blood sugar control.

-Increased oxygen supply, so your muscles work harder.

-Reduced fatigue and shortness of breath.

-Significant calorie burn, helping maintain a healthy weight.

-My personal favorite – increased sexual arousal in women.

So [then] ladies … get to running, get to jumping. Let’s go! Check [my Instagram] stories for some of my favorite cardio exercises.”

why not skip cardio

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