Beauty Quickie: Why Eat Salad-5 Reasons to Load Up

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Why Eat Salad

Why eat salad? Well, making a meal out some healthy greens can do far more than you may even suspect. So then break out a fork and some dressing because today you are going to learn 5 reasons why eating salad is beneficial to your health and beauty.

Beauty Quickie: Why Eat Salad-5 Reasons to Load Up

Why Eat Salad

The Obvi-If done right, most salads are packed with fiber and low in calories. Meaning you can fill your belly (yay I’m full) and not overdo it in the calorie department. Hello weight control and weight loss!

Just a Regular Girl- Speaking of fiber, this gem also helps keep you, well… “regular.” Fibers aid in digestion and are great at fighting constipation. You’ll want to keep this bodily process working right, because sluggish bowel movements can totally get in the way of losing weight. Without getting too technical; this is basically because when you are “backed up” you tend to weigh more since your body is hanging onto waste. Gross (lol).

So then, to prevent this and lose the additional weight from the waste, you need your body to eliminate it. You’ll weigh more until the body releases any waste it hadn’t let go of. Therefore, if  your end goal is to lose weight, it is best to stay regular. Eat your salad!

Time Saver- Between school, work or the combination of the two; time is of the essence. It is hard to eat right when you are exhausted, so having a quick option to choose from can make staying healthy easier. Salads are a piece of cake to toss together and can have you chowing down in just minutes.

Beauty Quickie: Why Eat Salad-5 Reasons to Load Up (Continued)

Why Eat Salad

Skin Elixir- Yes, a good ol’ salad can also attribute to better looking skin. How? It’s the nutrients baby. You see all the good stuff in salads i.e. the nutrients can help to synthesise collagen, protect against the development of wrinkling/sagging skin, improve the appearance of dark circles; provide some natural protection against the sun; and even help make skin smoother.

As one can see, there are other ways of getting a gorgeous natural glow. Eat a salad and you will be fixing things from the inside out.

Got Antioxidants?– Regularly eat green salads will help you have higher blood levels of super powerful antioxidants such as: Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Lycopene as well as Alpha- and Beta-Carotene. This is especially true if you ensure that your salad includes raw veggies. Antioxidants are beneficial because they can protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Some paleo diet enthusiasts have even reported improvement in the health of their eye sight (carrots), muscle performance and bones (dairy, spinach, broccoli).

Why Eat Salad

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