Why Are My Lips Dry? -5 Reasons Your Pout is a Desert

Why Are My Lips Dry
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Why Are My Lips Dry


Beauty Quickie: Love is a battlefield, but your lips don’t have to feel like one! Have you ever been going about your day and said, “Why Are My Lips Dry?!” The fact is, it happens, but it doesn’t mean it’s not annoying. Especially, when it feels like you’re doing everything right for them not to be.

The answer is simple. Not all the skin on your body is created equal. What we mean by that is, that not all of your skin operates in the same way.

For instance, you’re probably used to or familiar with the skin on your face. It secretes oil to keep skin moist and supple. This production helps to protect and give skin a youthful, well-hydrated appearance.



Unfortunately, your lip skin isn’t like that. Unlike the rest of your body your lips have no oil glands. This means it lacks its own natural source of hydration. Thus, making it more prone to dreaded dryness.

The cure? Since lips do not have a source of natural hydration; you have to create one yourself. Apply deep moisturizing lip products and when dead skin appears, exfoliate immediately and buff your lips back smooth. You can gently use a toothbrush OR a nice lip scrub. Don’t know any lip scrub brands? Try gently massaging a little bit of oil and sugar onto your lips then rinse.



Nevertheless, this natural occurrence with our body’s skin isn’t the only thing keeping your lips feeling parched. There are some outside culprits that make keeping your lips hydrated a challenge at times. A few things are:

Saliva and Constantly Licking Your Lips
Cold Weather
Spicy Foods
Dry Weather
The Common Cold
Some Medications



As one can see, we can’t control every scenario that makes our lips dry. Seriously, can you control the weather outside? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

However, knowing what causes dryness and how to fix it can go a long way in preventing regular occurrences. Therefore, keep in mind what can give you dry lips and always remember to really moisturize your lips and exfoliate.