What to Know When Shaving Down Heels

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What to Know When Shaving Down Heels

Heels are so beautiful and stylish why in the world would you want to shave them? What is shoe shaving in the first place? The act of shaving down a heel is usually performed in order to help the wearer have a more comfortable experience said shoe. A famous designer of heels is quoted as saying that heels are not supposed to be comfortable.

What to Know When Shaving Down Heels2

A few blisters and surgeries decades later may have a girl feeling like comfort should of been apart of the equation. Shaving will bring high heels down to a height that puts less stress on the foot.  Are there any things that should be kept in mind when having heels shaved?

The total job should cost around $20 and the shoe repair shop of your choice should not shave more than one inch. Anymore length removed could actually cause more discomfort due to the shoe’s arched design. So then, keep it chic ladies and stay comfy!

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