What In The World Are Those Tree Emojis On Drake's Instagram?

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What In The World Are Those Tree Emojis On Drake's Instagram3

We were taking a quick look at Bae’s Instagram page, we mean Drake’s Instagram page when we noticed something odd in the comments. In our next post you will see why we were dipping in Drake’s Kool-aid but for now we will just stick to the fan/haters storyline. If you take a quick gander yourself you will notice some tree emojis appearing all over Drake’s various IG posts.

Are these tree emojis being left in comments out of it being almost tis’ the season for tree buying? Naw, it looks like things are going a little bit deeper than that. It does appear as though the Meek Mill and Drake drama is kicking up its stilettos once more.

Earlier in the year Mill and Drake had exchanged disses with ultimately Drake coming out as the clear winner of the two. Fans though have taken their sides and are letting their allegiance be shown on social media. The tree emoji looks oddly familiar to Meek Mill’s upcoming release DC4 aka Dreamchasers4. Take a look below to see for yourself:

What In The World Are Those Tree Emojis On Drake's Instagram2 What In The World Are Those Tree Emojis On Drake's Instagram







  Compare If You Dare…









Now if you had anymore confusion about this situation then those leaving tree emote comments put an end to the wonderment by adding the hashtag DC4 next to the trees. Meek Mill’s fans have been taking to Drake’s IG page leaving trees for Drake to see in his spare time if he even takes the time to look at all. All the hype only adds more pressure to the success of Meek Mills DC4 release due to the fact that other than Taylor Swift, Drake is the only artist to go platinum lately.

Therefore, this looks like a simple case of fans being fans on social media. Hopefully, we were able to shed some light on the tree emoji occurrences and for those wondering DC4 is coming at the end of December… hence the tree (LOL). Moreover, we will be on the lookout for Drake’s fans emoji response and we are guessing either the fall leaves, raining umbrella or stack of money flying away emotes will be utilized heavily depending on how DC4 fares on the charts.

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