What Dieting Can Do to Your Hair

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what dieting can do to your hair

We are surrounded with imagery of women who walk red carpets, runways or grace our television sets with perfect hair, makeup and physiques. To come as close as possible to this ideal look many women will take part in various fad diets. How safe are such diets when it comes to having healthy tresses?

In this article we will briefly explore the effects of low fat dieting. When it comes to having gorgeous hair eating properly is everything, what you eat will definitely reflect in the health of your locks. Hair is made up of keratin which is protein and being deficient in protein can lead to weaker locks as well as hair thinning. Opt for a protein rich diet including foods such as yogurt, eggs and fish. A diet rich in protein can result in hair becoming longer and thicker.

Did you know?…Soy protein found in tofu has been found to help encourage hair growth. What are your hair growth secrets? Feel free to join the discussion on our social media platforms.