On the Scene: Wet Seal I Define Pretty Launch Party

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Wet Seal I Define Pretty Launch Party

We recently got to chat with fashion brand Wet Seal at their Wet Seal I Define Pretty launch party! We gabbed about everything from the 90s, social media and of course T to the R to the E-N-D-S. Say it with us dolls, “Trends!” Also, we checked out their newest designs and found some pretty sick couture pieces for fall 2016.

Wet Seal I Define Pretty Launch Party

We came, we saw and we left in such a glamorous LA mood. The Wet Seal I Define Pretty launch party was a night full of style, models and tons of Cali flair. The music was popping and the vibe was gloriously energetic.

The stylish soirée was held in downtown Los Angeles at the fabulous, The Well. The Well is known as THE spot when it comes to getting what’s hot in fashion now. Here’s a short video recap of our fashion night on the town!

The Chat

We’ve been obsessed with Wet Seal since we were tweens. However, this isn’t the same Wet Seal. As we perused garment after garment, piece after piece the verdict was official. Our tween and teen fave store had underwent a major overhaul. Plus, to keep it totally one hundred… We loved the change!

We caught up with Wet Seal VP of Marketing, Angelo D’Agostino who filled us in on how it all came about. Angelo told us that the brand really wants to get back to that good ol’ edgy, effortlessly chic Cali style. The type of look that could really translate to girls all across the country.

A lot of the going out to the club looks have vanished and gone away. Wet Seal is leaving that to other brands. In its place are modern, voguish looks that feel like the 90s but revamped. They are really making moves to help consumers view them as a causal brand that does relaxed couture better than anyone else. From the look of their fall 2016 collection as well as awesome fabric choices they are well on their way.

Their Social is in Formation

Social media is the fastest and simplest way for brands to open up a dialogue with their loyal fan base. Who of us doesn’t check a snap, hashtag or post to find out what’s new? Unless your a cave girl most likely you’re on social media for all your fashion needs.

Wet Seal is all over it when it comes getting social. From an all out Snapchat assault to new hashtag campaigns perf for the Gram. Wet Seal is staying at the forefront of showcasing trends fit for the “It Girl.”

Their newest campaign “I Define Pretty” is paving the way and opening up conversation between the brand and their consumer. Wet Seal girls can share what pretty means to them. This accomplishes a few things. For one, it helps to empower and inspire young women. Secondly, it builds trust and a stronger connection between Wet Seal and their buyers.

D’Agostino even described social media “as our biggest broadcasting tool.” Therefore, if you want to keep up with WS just use the tech right at your fingertips. Moreover, Wet Seal is also utilizing brand ambassadors as well as brand influencers to tell their fashion stories. So then, you can continue to see girls like you that truly understand how an OOTD should really be rocked!

Wet Seal I Define Pretty Must-Haves!

Wet Seal I Define Pretty Launch Party2

As soon as we walked through the door we instantly saw a kimono with our name all over it. This year Japanese influence has found its way all over the fashion scene. Case in point, Philip Plein who created a plethora of kimono inspired outer wear for fall.

We fell in love with Wet Seal’s kimono for several reasons. Here in Cali we really don’t have autumn. Its kinda like summer number two with slightly cooler temps. Especially, in the valley. Therefore, a light weight option to take off the occasional chill is always appreciated.

Wet Seal I Define Pretty Launch Party3

Denim should never be a bore. Which is why we were filled with more glee than a high school chorus when we spotted pair after pair of distressed jeans. In keeping with their other sleek fall looks Wet Seal’s jeans are distressed without looking extremely tortured. You can easily pair these jeans with a cute crop top, sweater or graphic tee.

Wet Seal I Define Pretty Launch Party4

Slogan and statement tees have definitely made a comeback during 2016. A popular trend of the 90s, the look is cool with a sophisticated twist. It shows you stand for something and are basically “woke.”

We made our way to the I Define Pretty tee and immediately started creating outfits in our head. So far, we are thinking the shirt with a leather jacket and black skirt. Tell us how you would style this awesome tee and don’t forget to enter Wet Seal’s contest online! Head to their IG for full disclosure and details.

Wet Seal I Define Pretty Launch Party5

Nothing says young California Boss Lady like a bomber jacket. Head to school or a part time job while defying the cool morning air. Also, the jacket just reads trendy. So then, you’ll instantly add some serious je ne sais quoi to any ensemble.

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