Warm Skin Tone

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An important part of looking your best is to know the type of undertone your skin has. This applies to cosmetics, clothes and even hair color. Wearing the wrong hue can take your skin from looking tired, drained and even unhealthy to appearing radiant and glowing. To see if you have a warm skin tone administer the vein test. Look at the underside of your arm in natural light. If your veins appear greenish you are warm toned.

Warm skin tones look their best in earthy hues either muted or crisp: Think yellows, oranges, beige, coppery, golden brown, bronzes, gold, peaches, brick reds, earthy greens, mocha browns and ivory. You look better in ivory than pure white because white makes you appear washed out. A yellow based color is also a must because it makes your complexion sparkle.

Great hair color ideas for warm undertones include golden browns, chestnuts, mahoganies, or copper. To complement your skin go for golden to dark browns, rich warm auburns as well as red and golden highlights.