Want To Relax? Take A Few Minutes To Smell The Roses

go for a walk
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Are you overwhelmed? Is your work stress starting to affect your personal life? You know the signs all to well…you don’t eat lunch, you lay awake at night obsessing over your to-do list, you spend half the weekend worrying about Monday morning. Try as you might, relaxing is just not an option.

Maybe it is time to scoot your chair back, get up and take a break.

There will always be another email to read and another tab to open on your internet browser—but that doesn’t mean that sitting in front of your screen for a seven-hour stretch is healthy.

Instead, make sure you’re logging off consistently every couple hours, even if it’s just to walk around the block and take in some greenery. Research shows that people who live near green spaces have less depression and anxiety. So, if you have the opportunity to go outside for even a few minutes to “smell the roses,” do it.