Rihanna for Vogue Australia May 2019 Issue -The "Phenomenon"

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Vogue Australia May 2019 Issue

She designs, she sings, entertains and helps women all over the globe feel absolutely fabulous about their bodies. How in the world is one woman so influential? This earth’s favorite self-professed ‘badgal’s popularity is only growing stronger; while her queenly dominion increases. Next month, VOGUE is diving into the phenomenon that is Rihanna. Scroll on to learn more about Rihanna for Vogue Australia May 2019 Issue!

Rihanna for Vogue Australia May 2019 Issue -The “Phenomenon”

Vogue Australia May 2019 Issue

Why is she so successful? There’s makeup [Fenty Beauty], athleisure [Fenty x Puma], lingerie [Savage x Fenty], socks [Stance] and an upcoming luxury couture line. All doing great, all making TONS of cash. Vogue Australia is taking a stab at explaining the secret behind Fenty’s enduring dominance in their latest edition. VOGUE says,

“Influential, unstoppable, fearless, a natural born leader. Meet our May 2019 cover star; Rihanna, an icon who knows inclusivity and knows what women want. Vogue investigates the Rihanna effect.”

Vogue Australia May 2019 Issue

Nevertheless, there is much to learn from and about Rihanna. People from all regions and walks of life seem to easily become comfortable with the hard-working musician. Regarding this VOGUE Australia shares one example, stating,

“‘I know ours is an unusual relationship. We are from very different worlds and we’re very different ages. Her childhood was very different to my upbringing in Adelaide; and the world of politics is not something she has deeply immersed herself in. Likewise, no-one would ever mistake me for a rock n’ roller or a pop icon,’ former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says of her unlikely friendship with Rihanna.

‘But despite all those differences I’ve found Rihanna is very easy to be around; and very easy to have a conversation with. I’ve learnt things from her about her world I didn’t know.'”

Vogue Australia May 2019 Issue

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