Virgin Hair Extensions: Learn The 3 Phases Of Hair Care

virgin hair extensions clip in
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Virgin hair extensions have become more than just a fashion statement.

These days, these beautiful hairpieces are also a status symbol. They are, however, expensive and must be treated with care. After all, they are an investment in your appearance.

Here are the three phases that are involved with caring for virgin hair extensions.

Follow these steps closely so you can get the longest wear out of your extensions. Well-cared for hair extensions should last for over a year. You want to care for them properly, so as to protect your investment and get the most out of your virgin hair extensions.

1. The Pre-Install Phase

The first phase is what is called the pre-install phase. This is the period of time that occurs before you get your virgin hair extensions installed. What you will do during the pre-install is seal your extension wefts on both sides. This is the most important part of caring for them so that they last as long as possible.

Sealed wefts are protected from shedding. Weaves that shed are unsightly and embarrassing.

To seal your hair extension wefts you can use Shed Stop Weft Sealer for Hair Extensions. This product is available at beauty supply stores everywhere, or you can buy a one-ounce bottle of it on for about $13.

A few steps to keep in mind:

  • Apply the weft sealant and let it dry thoroughly.
  • Wash the extensions.
  • Never use shampoo on your extensions.
  • You want to use conditioner only. Using shampoo on your virgin hair extensions leaves them dry and dull.
  • After you clean the extensions, follow up with a deep conditioning treatment for lasting beauty, shine and manageability.

2. The Hair Extension Install Phase

The second phase of virgin hair extension care is the installation of the extensions. Before you get them installed, be sure never to cut your extensions. Cut extensions will shed even if they have been treated with weft sealant. What you can do is flip your wefts, so that they will not shed.

Also, do not use glue for the install process. While you can have virgin hair extensions glued in, you want to be careful. The process that is involved in removing the glue from the hair tracts will weaken them, and weak wefts will shed.

How to install Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extensions on a Hand Tied Weft

3. Enjoy Your Beautiful Hair

Finally, it is time for the best part and the last phase of virgin hair extension care – wearing them and looking fabulous.

There are several things you want to keep in mind, however. Hair extensions will not benefit from your scalp’s natural oils. They can easily dry out. You will need to moisturize your extensions in order to keep them soft and shiny.

Never use hair grease for this.

Hair grease does not dry so it can matte or beard the extensions. Argan oil is an excellent product to use for moisturizing your hair extensions. It also helps protect the extensions from damage when you use flat irons.

It is also important to tie your extensions up at night. You can wear a silk scarf for this purpose. For brushing your extensions always use a high-quality wig brush.

Follow the three phases of care and you will protect your investment. You will also get many months of enjoyment and beauty from your hair extensions. Enjoy!