Vince Camuto Boots & Shoes – A Major Creative Force

Vince Camuto Boots
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When you think about Vince Camuto Boots and Shoes, a smile automatically comes across your face!

I don’t know about you but I love the fashion brand Nine West. The wonderful brand was the creation of Vince Camuto who was tragically lost to the world in January 2015. He lost his battle with prostate cancer and passed away at his home in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Camuto was not only a great designer but was also an astute businessman. He sold Nine West to Jones Apparel Group for $900 million in 1999.

However, he went on to become CEO and Chief Creative Officer of the Camuto Group which makes the Jessica Simpson brand. And I have to say I love the Jessica Simpson line as much as Nine West.

Everyone who knew Camuto knew about his passion, wisdom and larger-than-life spirit. It was these qualities that made his employees feel more like a family than a corporation.

When giving the eulogy for Camuto, long-time friend Alex Dillard, president of Dillard’s Inc., said of Vince, “he was an icon…whose passion for the footwear business and…vision for style meeting function were unmatched.” This was clearly evident in every one of his designs.

His style and sense of design can never be replaced and the world won’t quite be the same without him. However, he left us with his Spring 2015 Campaign so please enjoy some of his last creative inspirations.


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