How to Use a Hair Dryer Diffuser Correctly

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We always appreciate all of the numerous hair/beauty questions we get asked on social media so keep them coming girls. Recently, one question stuck out like a sore thumb because we know a lot of our readers are part of the curly girl club. Therefore, this one is for you dolls! Today we shall fill you in on: How to Use a Hair Dryer Diffuser Correctly.

How to Use a Hair Dryer Diffuser Correctly

A hair dryer diffuser can be a curly lady’s best friend for one of two reasons. Both reasons happen to pertain to how you plan to use the diffuser. Ask yourself, “Am I using a hair dryer diffuser in order to dry my hair more quickly? Or do I utilize it to achieve more volume? The diffuser will help you accomplish both purposes but you will need to position and hold the dryer differently in each case.

So then, let’s just quickly explain this case by case. Let’s start with the whole drying hair faster scenario. What you will want to do is hold the dryer with the diffuser attachment above your head and point it straight down. Most have been taught to point the dryer upwards; however, doing so can cause curls to become frizzy. If your goal is smooth curls then you would definitely want to avoid this mistake.


Alright, moving on to being able to create additional volume with a hair dryer diffuser. If bigger is better in your book you can gain more body by moving in a more circular motion. Also, if you really want to amp it up you need to cause lift at the roots. Flip your head over and move the diffuser in a circular motion all around the head but always aim the nozzle towards your ends.

Nonetheless, while creating volume you may create frizz if you get to close with the dryer. Prevent curls from losing their smoothness by keeping the nozzle a few inches from your strands. Moreover, by pointing the nozzle towards your ends as mentioned you will also help keep fuzz at bay.

So then, there you have it. A few quick tricks and tips that can help you get the style you want quickly and without all the fuss. Happy styling everyone!

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