Urban Decay Naked Wild West Palette- Giddy Up Makeup Queens!

Urban Decay Wild West Palette
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Urban Decay Wild West Palette


It’s a wild world and we are all just living in it! Urban Decay is releasing a new makeup palette that sums up the the era of the gun-slinging, adventurous cowboy. Saddle up babies for the Urban Decay Wild West Palette, 12 pans of fierce metallics and lush mattes!

Urban Decay Naked Wild West Palette- Giddy Up Makeup Queens!


Urban Decay Wild West Palette


So what’s the inspiration behind this palette? Why would the West be such a good makeup idea? Well, we went to the source to find out all the details. In regards to their new Wild West Palette, Urban Decay reveals that it is,

“A vegan eyeshadow palette with 12 desert-inspired neutral eyeshadows from pale peach and metallic bronze to deep blue green and turquoise


Urban Decay Wild West Palette

Blaze your own trail with the newest Naked palette featuring a 12-shade lineup of cruelty-free and vegan eyeshadows. From terracotta to deep copper and turquoise green, the shades are inspired by California’s deserts, Joshua trees, and endless skies. Choose from creamy mattes, metallics, and shimmers that blend seamlessly with the included dual-ended eyeshadow brush. The iconic, velvety Naked formula can be used solo or layered to create endless looks.”

The Wild West Palette -What We Know So Far



As mentioned this palette is inspired by California deserts. Being California residents we can tell that this palette is definitely spot on with its range of shades and tones. California deserts dazzle with beautiful nude hues with hints of greenery, browns (rock masses / dirt) and golds.

Additionally, California is well known for Hollywood; the birthplace of Wild West films and movies. A town that gave the world cowboy and Indian epics starring Wayne, Monroe and Mitchum. Therefore, it makes sense that the Wild West Palette would be based on this particular region that in real life history was shaped and influenced by tales and events of the frontier.


Moreover, this 12 pan palette has 12 eyeshadow shade names that also fits the palette’s theme to a “T!” The 12 names are:

  • Standoff
  • Spur
  • Nudie
  • Hold ‘Em
  • Cowboy Rick
  • Laredo
  • Bud
  • Rustler
  • Ghost Town
  • Whiskey
  • Tex
  • Pony Up


Urban Decay Wild West Palette


BREAKING… It’s time for our Beauty Trailer! Here’s a short video showcasing this new palette drop!


When, Where and What’s It Going to Cost?

Interested in adding this palette to your beauty collection? You can this month! There’s just two dates that you will need to keep in mind.

If you love to shop online this product will be released beginning on February 8th. However, if you are wishing to check this makeup item out in person first, you’ll have to wait till the end of the month. The Wild West Palette will be available in store on February 28th.



What about price? Well, word on the beauty street is that Urban Decay’s newest palette will be available for just under $50. So then, get your cards ready and get yours for just $49.

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