Ups and Downs for NFL Week 9

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Ups and Downs for NFL Week 9

It’s official; Jerry Jones is the devil.

I am not a Dallas Cowboys fan, but the team owner made his starting quarterback, Tony Romo, board a nine hour flight to London England, in spite of his broken back. Yes, his back is broken since he has two fractures in his transverse process, which is a small bone that protrudes from each side of the vertebrae.

Even on a good day, a long trans-Atlantic flight is not the most comfortable thing to do; I can only imagine how much it must suck to fly that far with a bad back. Especially since the opponent they will be facing in London is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Surely, the Cowboys should be able to trust backup quarterback Brandon Weeden to lead the team to victory; after all he was once a starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Even if they have zero confidence in Weeden to get the job done, do they really want to risk further injury to their starting quarterback just to play against a team with a 1-8 record? Well, if Jery doesn’t care about Romo, why should I?

I guess the conversations about Philip Rivers being a top MVP candidate can be tabled for now. His team got “blowed out” as Emmitt Smith would say, 37-0 losing three games in a row. I have no idea what they were doing right in the beginning of the season or what they are doing wrong now, but if they want to stay in the race for their division they better figure things out quickly.

The same can be said for the San Francisco 49ers. On paper they seem to be a talented team and at times they play like a playoff contender not a pretender. However, they are now 4-4 and 3 1/2 games behind the 7-1 Arizona Cardinals having lost to them in Week 3.

I’m not a believer in Carson Palmer being the guy to take the Cardinals to the big game and he’s just as likely to help them lose a game as to win one. But none of that will matter if the 49ers don’t get their act together and start winning some games.

Can anyone tell me if the Pittsburgh Steelers are for real?

The last two games, Roethlisberger has played lights out, but the first few weeks of the season the team looked like crap. I wish the real Steelers would stand up. But the really crazy thing is that all four teams in the AFC North division are above .500 so far. Who would have thought the race for first place in the division would be so tight? Definitely not me, but I’m still rooting for Brian Hoyer and the Browns.

Robert Griffin III came back from his injury only to end up losing to Teddy Bridgewater and the Minnesota Vikings. They should have let Colt McCoy play again; momentum had to be on his side after that thrilling win he orchestrated over the Cowboys last week.

Griffin seems to be injury prone and can’t stay on the field, but even if he could I’m not sure that would be a plus for the Redskins. I won’t call him a bust just yet but I’m getting closer to slapping that label on him.

Last but certainly not least, major props go to my New England Patriots for laying a beat down on the Denver Broncos.

They were three point underdogs in their own house despite going into the game having won 13 consecutive home games, the longest current streak of any NFL team. Hopefully, the critics will keep picking against them because it seems to help the Patriots continue winning.

I’m fine with that.

Ups and Downs for NFL Week 9