Beauty Products: L'Oreal Unlimited Mascara-Stretch Your Lash Possibilities!

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Unlimited Mascara

L’Oreal is over here stepping things up with their mascara beauty game. New formula, new wand and more “limitless” building power! Have you heard? The NEW L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara can help extend the length of your natural lashes; for an eye-popping “boy I see you checking me” stare.

Moreover, one feature about this product that we are really loving is the design of the bottle itself. It literally tilts. Like seriously, you can bend this baby so that you have perfect control over all your hairs. So those pesky, tiny lashes that you have to do origami with your arms to reach can be properly coated and curled with more ease. Say it with us y’all… WINNING!

Beauty Products: L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara-Stretch Your Lash Possibilities

Unlimited Mascara

Okay, so then how does it all work? L’Oreal says that their mascara product incorporates a four step process. The brand explains further details about Unlimited by stating,

“Our new Unlimited mascara is just what you need. An instant lash length mascara that will make you feel confident day and night. Unlimited lash length is unlimited confidence.

[Just] in love with our new mascara Unlimited and its folding brush for a perfect result. Come on, discover our new mascara, the first mascara with instant lash lift effect. Lift, tilt, stretch, hold [and] GO!.”

Sounds pretty easy right? Getting your natural lashes to curl is one thing; but getting them to stay that way is another. Unlimited promises to do that and give you additionally seductive length, more volume as well as lash separation.

Unlimited Mascara

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