Unbreakable Jewelry Collection by Janet Jackson

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Unbreakable Jewelry Collection by Janet Jackson

It looks like Janet Jackson is still getting No Sleep. Jackson is keeping busy with the release of her Unbreakable Jewelry Collection. The collection will include many luxurious and exquisite designs for those in the market for a high-end piece.

Janet posted a photo to her social media accounts to begin creating buzz in regards to her jewels. In the photo she flashes that signature smile we all adore complimented by one of her jewelry designs. The Unbreakable Jewelry collection is described as being a mixture of “integrity, prestige and authentic brilliance.” All traits that perfectly sum up Janet’s personality.

Unbreakable Jewelry Collection by Janet Jackson2

Emirates Woman held a special gala to showcase Jackson’s jewelry collection. The exclusive event was invite only. So then, while most of the world could not be in attendance to see Janet’s work that doesn’t mean fans haven’t had their share of glimpses of the collection.

At this year’s BET Awards Janet Jackson wore a few Unbreakable Jewelry collection designs: a 25 carat heart-shaped necklace ($2,000,000) and 13 carat Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond ring ($500,000). Jackson was in attendance to receive the Ultimate Icon Award. Moreover, as you can see from the figures above, the price point is geared toward those with deeper pockets.

Unbreakable Jewelry Collection by Janet Jackson3

Nevertheless, this also just goes to show that black women are continuing to spread their wings in big business. From entertainment to corporate to fashion we are flexing our power muscles and we are only getting started. Congratulations Ms. Jackson (we nasty), thank you for continuing to inspire us and we wish you much success with your collection!

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