2 Ways To Have Fun With Your Dog

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Having a dog can be hard work, but rewarding with a lot of fun as well. Playing with your dog not only helps to build a bond but also creates trust, builds communication, and helps to keep your dog strong and healthy. While it is a ton of fun, your dog will get to enjoy the games. You will and should remain in control of the kind of games that you play.

Below are two great ways to play and have fun with your dog.

1. Tug of War

The idea of playing tug of war with a dog is a scary thing for some people. However, this can be a fun experience for both you. The dog gets to have fun and still learn how to listen to commands. The game is a sensible way of bonding with your dog.

You will need a sturdy rope or small toy for the game. The game will be more fun if your dog loves playing tug, but you can still create an interest in the game by just wiggling the toy or rope in front of the dog and trying to pull it from his bite. Tug of war (with dogs) is not for children. This is a game for adults only.


2. Backpacking

Dogs love the outdoors and are their happiest when occasionally taken out of the house. Take your dog out for a stroll in the woods. However, you should plan early for your backpacking trip. Check whether pets are allowed in the places you plan to visit. Hitting the open trails will be great fun for the dog and a good time to play fetch as he runs about. Remember to carry enough water and treats for both of you.

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