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Turn Up The Heat3
They say love is war, but hair can be just as much of a battle. When it comes to getting great results when straightening your hair you have to turn up the heat. Salon quality results can be achieved in the comfort of your very own home. What’s most important is having the right tools and weapons to make it all happen.
A heat-styling tool you most likely have in your hair arsenal is a hair straightener. This article’s focus will be specifically on flat irons. Most women think there is only one type of flat iron and that you simply plug it in, allow it to heat up, then get busy. However, there are so many other factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to gain silky, shiny and smooth hair.

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Choosing the right flat iron begins by developing a knowledge of the various types available and how they operate. There are four different types of flat irons: Ceramic, Tourmaline, Titanium and Ionic. So then, what exactly does each one do or accomplish? Before we break it down keep this one fact in mind, all flat irons use the help of negative ions in order to give your mane a sleek and smooth finish. Moreover, this is true regardless of what brand or make that you purchase.
With that being said, let’s take a closer look at ceramic and tourmaline flat irons. Ceramic irons are manufactured more than any other type of flat iron; therefore, making them very accessible to the public. Flat irons that are ceramic when in use transfer heat evenly. It is best to look for one that is pure ceramic because unfortunately some companies make their product with only a coating of ceramic. This is a problem because with use the coating may chip exposing your hair to the metal underneath. If hair comes in contact with the hot metal it could lead to damage, which is something all women wish to avoid.

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Tourmaline flat irons are made from a gemstone, tourmaline, which is pressed into a powder and used as a coating on the plates of the flat iron. Tourmaline is an excellent source of negative ions making it a damage-free option in the straightening process. Nevertheless, how do titanium and ionic irons weigh in?
Titanium tends to be on the more expensive side but still has its benefits. Titanium is not only a great source of negative ions but is also known for being a more speedy option. This type of iron conducts heat faster than ceramic and users will experience little temperature variation during usage. This means hair will receive an even amount of heat during treatment.

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Lastly, tresses may be smoothed by the use of ionic flat irons. Ionic irons infuse the cuticle to maintain and extend the life of straight tresses for a longer period of time. Ionic technology helps users obtain glossy locks, lessens the risk of heat damage, conditions strands and provides a softer finish. How is all of this possible? Hair has a positive bond of hydrogen which is destroyed when it comes in contact with the negative charge of the flat iron, rendering it straight. In other words, the negative ions neutralize the positive ones to eliminate the static and make your mane much shinier and moisturized. Nonetheless, Ionic irons heat up quickly allowing you to get started styling sooner. A win-win situation when you’re in a time pinch.
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