Tupac Stance Socks...2017 Is Already Winning!

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They had us at Tupac. We almost made this a Get Your Man Right feature, but because we seriously want a pair too we re-thought things (HaHa). These socks are already making 2017 leaps and bounds better than 2016. We are ready to do hard fashion time, Tupac Stance Socks… leggo!

Tupac Stance Socks…2017 Is Already Winning

Stance Socks continues to raise their bar when it comes to design. After the Rihanna collaboration and Star Wars collection we didn’t think things could get anymore epic. We are glad to say that we were fabulously wrong. Stance just leveled up and are about to majorly cash in.

Why socks with Tupac Shakur’s likeness? Stance answers, “In the 1990s’ [rapper] Tupac Shakur was one of the most dynamic and influential hip hop stars of our generation. [Tupac] Shakur will always be remembered for his gritty, yet poetic lyricsand  his outspoken views on the system. With the support of photographer Mike Miller Stance Anthem presents 2pac for Anthem Legends.”

Bomb. So far not much press has emerged regarding the Tupac Stance Socks, however, SM is quickly changing that landscape. First images of the socks are spreading like wildfire across all platforms. Moreover, its a design that is quite unisex. We have seen both male and females have a high desire to claim these bad boys. Here are a few of the expressions we have seen in the past 24 hours:


“Thug life.”

“Lol I never thought you guys [Stance] would cross that bridge… you have officially proven me wrong and now I will go buy a pair.”


“I need your shoe size! Cuz you need these!”


“Them boas cold.”

“Another reason why we love stance socks.”

“2sock Shakur.”

“Gonna cop em.”

“You know I’m getting these ASAP!!! Lol.”

Tupac Stance Socks Cop Them

Many share the same sentiments as us. Also, that 2sock Shakur left us deceased and won the Internet. So let’s talk price ladies and gents. The Tupac Stance Socks retail for only $20! Get free shipping in the U.S. on orders over $25. Therefore, get you man and yourself a pair and enjoy the sweet reward of waving the shipping fee.

The socks come in two sizes so far, medium as well as large. Sucks for those of us with smaller feet but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Cop yours now by going here.

Fun Fact: Did you Stance also sells for The Hot boyz and Juvenile? He’s still taking ova for the 99 and 2000!

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