TPH by Taraji Mother Earth Clay Mask -Detox for Softer Strands!

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TPH by Taraji Mother Earth Clay Mask


Even your hair can use a detox every now and then. Our strands get put THROUGH IT thanks to hairstyling tools, harsh chemicals to even environmental factors. Therefore, it is important to help your scalp “rebalance” which in turn will help encourage and stimulate hair growth. What’s one product that can help achieve such results? TPH by Taraji Mother Earth Clay Mask; a detox mask for softer, moisture rich tresses!

TPH by Taraji Mother Earth Clay Mask -Detox for Softer Strands



So how can Taraji P. Henson’s clay mask help YOUR hair? The TPH hair brand reveals,

“One thing’s for sure –she thick. Treat yourself to an extra indulgence and wrap your curls in the velvety lush comfort of our Mother Earth clay mask for a deep detox and baby soft strands. A nourishing clay mask that detoxifies and helps define your true texture. [It] lovingly wraps around your waves, curls and coils; adding intense moisture to protect from dryness and damage. Test drive this [product] for hydrated, healthy looking hair that shines.

From roots to tips, create the best environment for your strands no matter what style or texture you’re working with. Give your locks the nourishing comfort of our Mother Earth moisturizing clay mask and watch your hair flourish in it’s new environment. Your best hair yet is waiting for you exclusively at Target and online at”



Ready to give this amazing hair mask a try? Softer strands CAN be yours thanks to this thick formula treatment. Each Mother Earth Clay Mask currently retails for $14.99.

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