Towanda Braxton to Inspire Women With The Ultimate Blueprint Tour

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Rowland's Braxton to Inspire Women With The Ultimate Blueprint Tour

Have you ever sat back and dreamt of accomplishing a longtime dream? Do you possess goals you aspire to achieve yet are uncertain as to what type of structure will help get you there? Well, question or wonder no more! Towanda Braxton is leading the charge to inspire women to establish a process that will set into motion a truly successful as well as fulfilling life.

Regardless of age or background, we all must deal with personal situations that can at times put a strain or damper on the type of lives we all truly wish to live. Whether the real issue lies deep within or just outside of our “control” having a worked out solution can be the key to regaining and moving forward in self-improvement.

A blueprint is defined as a detailed outline or plan of action. Towanda Braxton knows well the value of such a lay out or framework in order to greet success. For this reason Braxton is kicking off a tour to help other women do the same.

Rowland's Braxton to Inspire Women With The Ultimate Blueprint Tour2

The Ultimate Blueprint Tour is a 9 city tour that will kickoff January 23, 2016 in Houston, TX at the Norris Conference Center at City Centre. Speakers will include Towanda Braxton herself, Vivica Fox, Dr. Jewel Tankard, as well as other surprise speakers soon to be announced. The Ultimate Blueprint is a strategy used to redesign and rebuild the lives of women and offer them the transforming keys to unlock HER career, inner-self, relationships, skills, beauty, businesses, confidence, and much more. The sole purpose of this tour is to give women the much needed platform to speak, effect change, and relate to other women in the world.

The road to success does not need to be a journey that is traveled sololy. Learn from Towanda who comes from a family full of talent, beauty, grace and of course accomplishment. Therefore, be sure to be in attendance during The Ultimate Blueprint Tour and make those 2016 resolutions a reality!

Rowland's Braxton to Inspire Women With The Ultimate Blueprint Tour3

The family that builds an empire together, remains successful together! Towanda Braxton pictured with her sisters: Tamar, Toni, Trina and Traci.

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