Top 10 Superbowl 2015 Commercials in the First Half

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top 10 superbowl 2015 commercials of the first half

Of course we yearly watch the Superbowl to see an amazing competitive match between two teams that have proven to be the very best during the football season. However, let’s face it the commercials are just as entertaining if not more (depending who’s playing) than the game itself. This year companies have not disappointed and have brought the laughs as well as…tears?? Yeah, we don’t know if anyone else is finding themselves majorly teary eyed, but some of these adds are getting us in touch with our femininity (LOL). Enjoy our top ten list recap, the halftime show, second half and of course more commercials!

1. Dog finding his way home being protected by his horse family. (tear-jerker)

2. Mountain Dew Kickstart

3. Minions at the game and one uhm…disrobing himself.

4. Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric learn of the Internet (dude 21 years ago!) and new auto.

5. Country draft and Mexico drafts the avocado.

6.Nascar driver wins his son (tear-jerker #2)

7. Guy with bag of Doritos on a plane tries to be as disgusting as possible to keep adjacent seat open until he sees a hot blonde…that has a baby.

8. Walter White in a pharmacy.

9. McDonald’s campaign to allow select customers to pay with love.

10. Microsoft empowers us all, sharing the story of little Brady learning to walk with prosthetics.

top 10 superbowl 2015 commercials of the first half2

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