Today Is National Gingerbread House Day - Yummy!

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Let’s face it you know you’re desperate for a holiday when you celebrate NATIONAL GINGERBREAD HOUSE DAY! Some Gingerbread Houses are quite elaborate, decorated with all manner of sugary confections and colorful decorations and other houses – well, they are a hot mess!

1. This Vietnamese Gingerbread Resort

This Vietnamese Gingerbread Resort

2. This Gingerbread Brownstone

This Gingerbread Brownstone

3. This Modern Gingerbread House

This Modern Gingerbread House

4. This Tower Bridge Gingerbread House

This Tower Bridge Gingerbread House

5. This Gingerbread Trailer

This Gingerbread Trailer

6. This Cute Little Ginger-Tree House

This Cute Little Ginger-Tree House

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