To Curl or Not to Curl

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To Curl or Not to Curl

Flowing waves and luscious curls are flattering on everyone if done right. However, using a curling iron on your hair too often can lead to breakage and a lot of damage. Therefore, how do you achieve the coveted wavy or beautiful curl look without a curling iron?

To curl or not to curl

Pin Curls

I have tested out two different techniques and both are easy to do and can give great results. Pin curling is basically what it sounds like, pinning your hair up to form curls. To pin curl take small sections of hair and roll hair upwards using your fingers. Once you have rolled hair up to the scalp simply tuck ends under and secure the hair to your head with bobby pins. The smaller amount of hair you roll up the tighter the curl and bigger sections of hair will create looser curls.

Braiding Technique For Waves

By braiding your hair you can make some serious waves, literally. Start by sectioning your hair into three sections and with hair slightly damp apply a leave-in conditioner. Next, comb through and braid hair securing the ends with a hair tie to prevent unraveling. Leave hair braided for at least 8 hours to allow hair to dry and then carefully undo braids pulling sections apart with your fingers. Also, use your fingers instead of a comb or brush to blend sections together so that hair does not become puffy.

Hair Tip: Pin curl or braid hair the night before and your hair will be set by morning thus helping to potentially cut down on style time. To make sure style really pop be sure to add luxuriant Obsessed Hair Oil for a beautiful look.

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