Time to Trim the Fat

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Trim the Fat NFL Cuts

Coming up is a one of the saddest times of the year, cut down days. By August 26, NFL teams will have to cut their rosters down to 75 and then down to 53 by August 30. With that in mind, I wish I could cut Johnny Manziel, but since I’m not the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns that won’t be happening. But, I can tell you right now I’m sick of that kid already.

He scored a rushing touchdown and celebrated like he had just cured cancer. Dude, relax, not only is it preseason but there was nobody around you during your little seven yard jaunt. Plus, there happened to be 10 other guys on the field helping you score that touchdown. Take a very large dose of humble pie and study up on your playbook since, no doubt, your clueless fans will be clamoring for your presence on the field by week four of the regular season. You’ll want to be prepared for the debut of your, hopefully short and lack-luster career.

Trim The Fat NFL Cuts 2On a brighter note, Peyton Manning was called for a taunting penalty! Yes I know, how dare the refs call a penalty on the saint of the NFL. However, he did run 30 yards down the field just so he could talk dirty to one of the opposing players, and he didn’t care about getting a 15 yard penalty because there were only 5 seconds left in the half. So now we all know that Peyton Manning isn’t perfect (gasp)!

Speaking of quarterbacks, this was kind of a rough week for starting quarterbacks. Cam Newton ended up with fractured ribs and a contusion on his back while poor Sam Bradford tore his ACL and is going to miss the entire 2014 season. It’s injuries like this that make me wish we could bubble wrap our starting players to keep them safe. But this is football and every time a player steps on the field he knows there is the risk of injury and therefore, can’t allow the risks to prevent him from doing what he loves.

Maybe that’s why we love football so much, because we know when those players take the field they are going to leave everything they’ve got out there and the fans will get an exciting and action-packed game. The September 4 kickoff of the regular season can’t get here soon enough, bring on the glory of the gridiron!

Cam Newton Trim the Fat NFL Cuts