These Improper Hair Styling Techniques Are A No-No

These Improper Hair Styling Techniques-Are A No-No
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If you are doing any of the following to your hair, it might be the reason your hair is not growing, appears damaged or is falling out.

  • Braiding your hair too tightly – I can remember stylists recommending that I take Tylenol before arriving to get my braids done. I was told to do this because it was expected that I would have a headache afterwards because the braids would be tightly done. Braids worn too tightly can cause traction alopecia, which is the leading cause of hair loss among black women.
  • Heat – Heat from curling irons, dryers, pressing combs, and blow dryers are very damaging to our hair. If you can see smoke coming from the barrel of a curling iron or pressing comb, it is TOO HOT to be applied to your delicate, fragile hair. Use the lowest heat setting possible along with a heat protectant.
  • Hair extensions – Hair extensions or weaves that require glue & heat is extremely damaging to our hair. Sewn in weaves are more expensive, but is perhaps a better way to go because hair is normally cornrowed and protected as extensions are sewn into them.
  • Freeze hair styles – These are styles that “freeze” the hair into place. This stuff is very damaging to black hair. Anything that makes your hair hard and crunchy should be left alone.
  • Greasing & Oiling the scalp – This is a definite big NO-NO.  Back in the days when we were young, our parents and grandmothers often greased our scalp.  Nowadays it is widely known that oil, grease, and pomades can clog the pores of your scalp. These clogged pores suffocate the hair follicles and lead to hair loss. Oils should be applied directly to hair only, not to the scalp.
  • Combing methods – Be gentle with your hair when combing. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle hair before combing.