The Unofficial Drake Adult Coloring Book

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The Unofficial Drake Adult Coloring Book

This world is stressful enough with exams, work projects, finding that lost sock in the dryer and getting taxes done. The wonderful world of the adult coloring book ushered in a new wave of tranquility and peace via art to soothe us stressed out souls. Who knew that such a childhood favorite could be so darn relaxing?

Well, this new trend just leveled up with a little help from a very well-known hip hop star, Drake. An “unofficial” adult coloring book published by Sugoi Books features Drake’s likeness as well as famous song lyrics. You’ll be able to color in Drake with Hotline Bling in mind allowing your worries to gently drift away. The makers of the Drake adult coloring book, Under Star Projectors, state in regards to their product,

“Our tribute to Drizzy himself, Aubrey Drake Graham. Ultimate lover, all-time friend – he only means one thing… So we dressed down for him, baring all and teamed up with some awesome illustrators to create a stripped back coloring book in tribute to his awesomeness.”

The Unofficial Drake Adult Coloring Book2

We have to agree that Drake is pretty awesome indeed and so is this adult coloring book idea. You can get your hands on yours straight from Sugoi for around $10. For this reasonable price you will get 32 pages of Drizzy greatness to color until your heart is content. Have fun!

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The Unofficial Drake Adult Coloring Book3