The Oakland Raiders are Thankful for Week 12

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The Oakland Raiders are Thankful for Week 12-2

You never want to see a team go an entire season without at least one win and thankfully, the Raiders won’t have to be that team this year. Guided by the rookie quarterback Derek Carr, the Raiders were able to hold off the Kansas City Chiefs to get their first win of the season. Carr looks to have a lot of potential to be a quality NFL quarterback, but the Raiders need to get some more talent around him to help him be successful. They also need to get a competent head coach; Tony Sparano as the interim head coach is fine for now, but going forward they need someone who can help the team take the next step. Sparano is not that someone.

The road to the playoffs just got a little bit more difficult for the Arizona Cardinals as they dropped a game to their division rival,the Seattle Seahawks. Drew Stanton has played fairly well in place of Carson Palmer but that may not be enough to get the Cardinals to where they want to go. Especially since both the Seahawks and the 49ers seemed to have come to life and realized they need to start winning some games if they want to get back in the playoff hunt.

By now all of America has probably seen that sick, one-handed touchdown catch made by Odell Beckham, Jr. of the New York Giants. He must have defied multiple laws of physics in order to come down with that ball using nothing but the thumb and index fingers of his massively large hand. Unfortunately, the Giants could not secure the victory despite Beckham’s heroics. Once again they lost a game they should have won. I don’t know if firing Coach Tom Coughlin is the answer, but the team is functioning about as well as a rusty tricycle with a missing wheel. Something has got to be done to turn around a franchise that is only three years removed from their last Super Bowl win.

The Oakland Raiders are Thankful for Week 12 odell beckham jr

It was sad to hear that Eric Berry of the Kansas City Chiefs will not play for the rest of the season due to a mass that was discovered in his chest. It may be lymphoma, but more tests will be needed to determine his situation. I hope for the best possible outcome for Eric Berry, one of the premier safeties in the NFL.

Last but not least, for a while it seemed like the Miami Dolphins would get the best of the Denver Broncos, but it wasn’t to be. Clearly Peyton Manning could not stomach the thought of losing two games in a row and managed to lead his team to victory. However, the AFC West division is shaping up to be a real dogfight and Peyton is going to have to keep working his miracles if he wants to keep his team a step ahead of the stiff competition.

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