The NFL Gives Us More Comebacks and Beat Downs

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I know I’ve been beating the drum for the Cleveland Browns since the pre-season began, but how can you not root for the underdog? Brian Hoyer brought his team back from a pretty big deficit to hand the Tennessee Titans a devastating loss. Their 2-2 record keeps them right in the thick of things in their AFC North division, hanging tough with the Bengals, Steelers and Ravens. I’m sure all the Browns want is a chance and they are getting it by being scrappy and refusing to give up. Browns fans have to love that.

Going in the opposite direction are the New Jersey Jets… yes I know it’s New York but as bad as they are playing I doubt NYC wants to claim them. As the quarterback, Geno Smith is getting a lot of heat and rightfully so as he played terribly on Sunday, but so did his teammates. Putting Vick in the game didn’t provide the spark I’m sure the Jets were looking for on Sunday. I’m especially surprised by the poor play of the defense. Rex Ryan has never concerned himself too much with the offensive side of the ball, but we have come to expect his defense to have above average play-making ability. That’s not the case this season and I’m not sure if Rex can fix whatever is ailing the team. It looks like his hot seat is only getting hotter.

You would think Tony Romo would be happy that his team is currently 4-1 and tied for the lead in the NFC East. But oh no, poor little Tony is upset with the home crowd at AT&T Stadium. It seems there were more Houston Texans fans making noise and forcing him to go to a silent snap count. He wants to make sure that going forward there are more Cowboys fans than opponent fans in the seats.  Here’s another thought: perhaps the owner shouldn’t have built a gi-normous shrine to himself that seats about a million people. Or maybe the Cowboys shouldn’t have been mediocre for so long that cause the fans not to want to come to the stadium. Now that you have a winning record, try keeping it and maybe your fans will show up and you can stop whining about the crowd noise.

Finally, I have to give a shout out to my boys, the New England Patriots, for the beat down they put on the Cincinnati Bengals. After a week of being eviscerated by both the local and national media after their embarrassing Monday night loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Patriots had a huge chip on their shoulder and they played like it. We were able to see exactly what Tom Brady can do when he gets good protection from his O-Line. And the best part is that he still didn’t play as well as he is capable of playing. If the line continues to play the way they did Sunday night, then Patriots haters will have to be silent for at least a little while longer. I’m all for that!

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