Fashionable Mention: The Naked Tiger Overall Dress- Awesome Chic Find!

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The Naked Tiger Overall Dress

We love when not only do we find an awesome chic style find, but it also happens to come from an AMAZING fashion label that just gets it! First of all, during our weekly search of cool, trendy pieces we came across The Naked Tiger Overall Dress. A fun design that comes across edgy and spicy without being too overtly sexy.

Moreover, the Overall Dress comes in two color variations. A nice crisp, white tone as well as a very appropriate fall season khaki green. Both look cute so you can’t go wrong with either option.

Now what we love best about the actual vibe of this item; is the V cut shape which makes any bust look amazing. Also, the front zipper detailing and side panel pockets (YAY!) make it easy to store a phone, wallet or even a lipstick or two.

The Naked Tiger Overall Dress

Additionally, the side cut-outs and exposed back will leave any bystander gasping for air. All in all this look is chic, sassy and perfect for day or night plans. If chilly simply add a jacket and some ankle boots and you are good to go! Therefore, get your Overall Dress online at for $90.

Fashionable Mention: The Naked Tiger Overall Dress

Besides the cute fashions, we found The Naked Tiger website to be extremely user friendly. Which is so important and useful being that the brand is based all the down in Australia. Furthermore, once on the site the currency quickly changed to the money of our own home country. Moreover, we noted that right at the top of the site, there is an option to instantly change what type of currency you would like to see on the Naked Tiger clothing website.

Very helpful indeed. Not having to head to a Google calculator or currency converter to try to estimate how much you will be paying; makes the shopping experience easy and more enjoyable. A simple luxury that unfortunately some foreign retailers don’t always decide to offer.

The Naked Tiger Overall Dress The Naked Tiger Overall Dress

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