The Ladies of DOPE Pose It Out!

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The Ladies of DOPE Pose It Out

No doubt you have probably been seeing advertisements for the newly released film Dope. If you have absolutely no clue what it is about here is a quick insider summary. The film was actually a major hit out of the Sundance Film Festival circuit and dives into the life of a character named Malcolm, played by Shameik Moore. Dope is kind of like an 80’s movie throwback of kid is a nerd, kid gets discovered by cool kids then kid is no longer a dork.

Malcolm is living in a “tough” neighborhood yet is overcoming all the odds juggling studying for the SAT, academic interviews and college applications. One day Malcolm gets a chance invitation to a party that could change his social standing and possibly life forever in a way he never ever imagined. Will Malcolm come to find himself and be Dope? Well, you are just going to have to hit the theater to find out!

Alright, I know you are probably reading this post saying hey 1966 you promised us the ladies! We will torture you no further the stunning actresses of Dope starred in an editorial together for InStyle. The editorial featuring Chanel Iman, Zoe Kravitz, and Kiersey Clemons was to help promote their new movie and was lensed by the extraordinary Chad Pitman. As you shall see each lady’s individual style is showcased giving a great demo of “squad” fashion. So the next time you and your girls go out you can feel as Dope as these gals!

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