The GreenPrint Project -Eat Vegan See Beyonce in Concert for Life!

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The GreenPrint Project

Beyoncé put out one post and she already has fans shoveling in grass. Okay, that is a little drastic, but the point is that many are now willing to give a vegan diet a try. The GreenPrint Project is a “system” that was created to help people get healthier and in turn sexier by turning to a plant based diet.

As a result, Beyoncé and her hubby, Jay Z are challenging their fans to consume better foods. Both Bey and Jay have been apt vegan dieters and the results are in the vegan pudding. When Queen Bey slims ALL THE WAY down this is the diet secret she uses. Therefore, if it is good enough for the queen, now we all can finally have the body of a celebrity… without the knife or needle.

The GreenPrint Project -Eat Vegan See Beyonce in Concert for Life

The GreenPrint Project

So then, how does this all work? Marco Borges, the trainer of Beyoncé  and Jay Z; and the mastermind behind GreenPrint Project briefly summarizes it this way,

“The Greenprint is a program for a health transformation. It is also a blueprint for plant-based eating. And, yes, it is vegan, but with a difference.

You don’t have to change every item in your diet. Start with one change like meatless dinners and build on that. The road to well-being starts with making informed decisions that will help you shop, cook, eat and feel better.

Did you know? The best sources of protein are plant based; like beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Love food that loves you back. Love food that will give you health and vitality.”

The GreenPrint Project

Want to take the plunge so that you can win some Bey tickets? Well, to get started all you need is a positive attitude, determination, 22 days; along with Marcos Borges 22 Day Nutrition Program. Acook book that tells you everything you have to do.

Yes, you will need to be firmly dedicated for 22 days straight. Why? Well, Borges is utilizing the proven technique that it takes 22 days to make something a habit. So in 22 days you will be more in the swing of things when it comes to eating vegan. So much so you may never go back.

The GreenPrint Project

Furthermore, the online 22 Days Meal Planner (which comes as a $14 monthly subscription, so we are not referring to the book in this case); comes with meal plans, assistance and even a food delivery option if you live in certain areas. This will no doubt help you to stay on track and focused on reaching your goal.

Our next post will be pretty in-depth when it comes to the nutrition plan. So if you are really wanting to try this out be sure to read it.

Besides the 22 day plan, picking of The GreenPrint Project book itself will be very helpful. What’s inside? The GreenPrint Project page had this to say,

“The most revolutionary plant-based lifestyle is here! With meal plans, more than 60 delicious recipes; step-by-by guidelines; and inspirational success stories; the book will forever change your approach to food and your perspective on health.”

The GreenPrint Project

The GreenPrint Project -Eat Vegan See Beyonce in Concert for Life (Continued)

However, one quick word on the free concerts for life. Yes, the contest is very real. To enter you must sign up online at and pledge to give the vegan lifestyle a try. Must be 18 years and older, plus be a U.S. resident.

If you do win you can expect one free concert per tour. Lastly, the free concerts will only be for up to 30 years. So kinda not quite a lifetime (LOL); BUT, that places Bey and Jay in their 70s-80s so you probably will not miss much.

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