Forget Surgery! The Bra Bridge Instantly Enhances Any Bust Size

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The Bra Bridge

Remember when your mom told you to build a bridge when you had a problem? Well, that advice is about to really come in handy. Introducing The Bra Bridge, the newest fashion and intimates accessory that can instantly enhance and shape the girls!

Forget Surgery! The Bra Bridge Instantly Enhances Any Bust Size

The Bra Bridge

If we all were born with the Ta-Tas of a Victoria’s Secret model there would be little room for complaint. However, this is not a perfect world with a utopia of perfectly shaped melons. Therefore, that means some of us are in need of a little bit of help.

No problem. Bridge the gap (literally) between you and the perfect breast crew with the help of the Bra Bridge. We fortunately got the lowdown on why this product was created and what type of problems it can help fix. The brand reveals,

“Many women have a complicated love/hate relationship with their bras and how their breasts look in them. The Bra Bridge is designed to help women of all breast sizes shift that relationship towards loving their appearance. The issues women have with their bras are as varied as the different shapes and sizes breasts come in:

  • An overabundance of bouncing.
  • Not enough cleavage, for small busts.
  • A little too much cleavage, for bigger busts.
  • General sagging [and] the natural result of aging.
  • A collection of bras that have stretched out and no longer fit well.”

The Bra Bridge Instantly Enhances Any Bust Size

The Bra Bridge

Okay, we have to admit, a lot of those issues are for real a pain in the you know what. So how does the Bra Bridge Breast Enhancer resolve these common problems? Once more the BB Breast Enhancer label answers,

“Introducing the Bra Bridge Breast Enhancer, the easy, simple, inexpensive way to help shape your breasts; lift and hold them in place, reduce sagging, bouncing and side boob. And create a custom fit for your bra. Bra Bridge is a clip that attaches to both cups of your bra and pulls your breasts in and forward; creating a slimmer, more flattering look every day and in every outfit.

The Bra Bridge breast enhancer is secured between the cups of your existing bra to pull on the bra’s cups and provide additional support for your breasts. The Bra Bridge enhancer can lift and support your breasts, reduce side-boob, enhance cleavage, reduce unwanted bouncing and provide other advantages.

A difference to feel your very best, everyday! The Bra Bridge Breast Enhancer is the simple and inexpensive way to help shape your breasts. We’re confident you’ll love the fit, feel, and style of the Bra Bridge.”

The Bra Bridge- Who’s Behind It All

You’ll be happy to know that this nifty and handy product was invented by a woman. A woman who no doubt understands the struggle ladies all around the world face, chest first. We caught up with the busy entrepreneur behind this ingenius design who filled us in on why she decided the world needed another “bridge.” Founder Judith Samson says,

“I invented the Bra Bridge because I struggled with the way my breasts looked; they stretched passed my rib cage and bounced too much, affecting my self-confidence about the way I looked. The Bra Bridge reduced my side boob, but also the bouncing and sagging, lifting and holding everything in place.

The beauty of the Bra Bridge is that it is so easy to use, essentially giving you a custom fit with every bra you wear. My mission is to help women of all shapes and sizes gain confidence about their shape and the way they look both in personal and professional life, giving them a positive body image that translates into self-confidence and growth. I am confident you will love the Bra Bridge as much as my friends and I do.”

The Bra Bridge

                         The Bra Bridge Founder Judith Samson

The Bra Bridge Instantly Enhances Any Bust Size – The Final Word

As one can see, there are plenty of things to love about this product. First of all, if you already own a great bra that is making the ladies look spectacular; you now can simply add more bust boosting power to your intimates arsenal. Or if the same very bra is losing some of its effectiveness; you can snap on a clip and never miss a boobie beat.

Moreover, the clips come in 3 different colors. White, a nude and black. Therefore, they are more than likely to match seamlessly with quite a few of your currently owned bras.

Lastly, it is an affordable, budget friendly option. While some bras, implants, pills, creams and the like can run up a credit card bill. The Bra Bridge can give your chest a sexier boost for a week’s worth of Starbucks.

Ready to bring the Bra Bridge revolution into your life? Get yours by heading online to Once there you can order a set of the amazing bridge clips. Each set of 3 retails for a very reasonable $19.99.

The Bra Bridge

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