The Best Celebrity Winter Hair Colors to Try Now

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Winter Hair Colors

Celebrities are known to set the trends from beauty to fashion. What colors are they working with this season? From subtle highlights to boisterous tints they have showcased shades that fit just about every personality. Here are The Best Celebrity Winter Hair Colors to Try Now!

The Best Celebrity Winter Hair Colors to Try Now

Winter Hair Colors2

Chocolate Browns

As Seen on: Joan Smalls and Jasmine Tookes (1st photo)

If you enjoy low maintenance then aim for a Chocolate ombre hair look. Dye jobs fade anyway and this particular look will ebb away gracefully. Plus, chocolate brown is universally flattering on everyone because its not too dark or too light.

Winter Hair Colors3

Raven Blue

As Seen on: Nicki Minaj

This color is perfect for the cold, winter months. Its moody as well as mysterious yet reads as sleek and extravagant. If you want a no frills, sultry hair color this is the way to go.

Winter Hair Colors4

Golden Blonde

As Seen On: Blac Chyna

Do blondes have more fun? By the looks of future Mrs. Rob Kardashian we would definitely say so! Winter hair colors do not need to be drab to look amazing. Golden or caramel blonde works well on lighter skin tones. Medium brown to dark skin tones can achieve amazing results with golden/caramel highlights.

The Best Celebrity Winter Hair Colors – For the Bold

Winter Hair Colors5

Deep Purple

As Seen On: Justine Skye

They don’t call her the Purple Unicorn for nothing. Justine Skye’s signature plum tresses fall nicely right between allurement and calmness. Moreover, purple is the balance of red and blue and denotes royalty. Personality types drawn to this color are usually eccentric, creative and peaceful.

Winter Hair Colors6

Stark White

As Seen On: Instagram Sensation Bee aka Melvnin

Nothing says winter like white snow so why not white dyed hair? Stark white used to be reserved for comic book and GOT characters. Not anymore, this trend was born out of the gray/platinum craze and looks to have serious staying power.

Winter Hair Colors7Winter Hair Colors8

Blonde Highlights

As Seen On: Ciara and Zendaya

If going full on blonde is not your cup of tea then adding a few well-placed highlights could be the answer. Zendaya and Ciara’s soft highlights are chic and sophisticated. This is how to do color on a very subtle basis.

Winter Hair Colors – Super Sick Shades

Winter Hair Colors10 Winter Hair Colors9

Vibrant Red

As Seen On: India Westbrooks

When your career is getting as hot as India’s your hair color should match it! Westbrooks has returned to bold red locks and the result is purely fabulous. Red suits India’s sassy persona as well so if that describes you too consider a rouge tint.

Winter Hair Colors11

Pastel Pink

As Seen On: Lil’ Mama

This type a color is for the girl that just wants to have fun and party with other fellow unicorns. Roots are kept dark to add contrast as well as depth.

Winter Hair Colors12


As Seen on: Malaysia Pargo

Out of all winter hair colors this one is for the brave. If you enjoy standing out in a crowd platinum is your shade. Leave roots opaque for an even more dramatic effect.

Winter Hair Colors14 Winter Hair Colors13

Electric Blue

As Seen On: Monica Brown

Show off your confidence this winter by infusing your strands with strong color only in the front. The differentiation reads business in the back and entertainment in the front. Besides confidence the color blue represents loyalty, wisdom, trust and imagination.

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