Teyana Taylor Releases Taylor'd Extensions Line

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Teyana Taylor Extensions

Gorgeous songstress Teyana Taylor has finally given us and her fans what we have been asking for… the ability to look just as beautiful as her, well, in a way. Okay, so we won’t be able to have her super toned physique over night (bummer), but in no time flat you now can immolate her stunning tresses. If you have ever had the opportunity to even view pictures of Teyana you may have found yourself developing a healthy dose of hair envy.

Taylor already has an amazing head of hair, but the singer doesn’t mind changing her look up from time to time with the aid of hair extensions. One of our favorite hairstyles worn by Teyana is down-to-there tresses enhanced by full, luscious spirals. Anyone woman who has ever shopped for extensions knows that at times it can be quite a challenge to find a product that will look fabulous and last.

The guessing game and long searches are over because Taylor has now thrown her own chips into the hair game. Teyana has released her Taylor’d Textures extensions line now available on myextensionz.com. Taylor’s hair extensions are a combination of Peruvian and Brazilian locks that can be worn straight or in their natural wavy/curly texture.

What served as the inspiration behind Teyana starting her own hair line? Taylor revealed all via her personal Instagram stating it was all thanks to a chance meeting between her and one of her fans. Teyana wrote:

“I ran into a young lady who came over to me and was like “I love you! I love your movies! I love you as an artist! And I am so in love with your hair!” We began talking, and she was still raving about my hair, and in the middle of talking; her Mom came out and said “She has cancer.” I was stunned & I cried.. She was so strong tho it blew away. Her spirit was so warm. And just knowing all of the ailments that come from having cancer, I know one of the things that can be experienced during chemotherapy is hair loss… And with that being said She is pretty much my inspiration behind starting my hair line.. So to the young lady I met if u see this, I want to thank you & send u watever u need! …make sure you ladies go out and get ur #TaylordTextures#Myextensionz Available tomorrow at www.myextensionz.com.”

We probably can all agree that is quite an inspiring story with a wonderful outcome. Congratulations to Teyana Taylor on her new business venture, girl you are a class act! Be sure to tailor your own look with Taylor’d Textures now available for purchase.

Teyana Taylor Hair