Sweater Weather Style Under $50

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Sweater Weather Style Under $50

To many this is the most wonderful time of the year and in a fashion sense it truly is and then some! When it is warmer wouldn’t you agree that many times only one to three items are needed to complete an ensemble? However, once temperatures take a dive layering and heavier duds become the queens of the style dominion. Therefore, what clothing item will you want to get your hands on NOW in order to rule the street style catwalk?

Sweater Weather Style Under $50-4

Sweater weather is back ladies and better than ever! This season cozy up in our top neutral and bold fall color picks for under $50 from Canyon River Blues, Covington and Metaphor to make sure you will never have to sacrifice style for comfort. Take a lesson from Queen Bey who knows her way around the sweater department.

Sweater Weather Style Under $50-3 Sweater Weather Style Under $50-2

Available for purchase at www.sears.com