Super Mario Closing Ceremony Appearance is Too Bomb!

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Super Mario Closing Ceremony Appearance is Too Bomb2

Will the real Mario please stand up? One of the most beloved childhood games found their way onto one of the world’s biggest stages. The 2016 Olympics have produced a plethora of amazing moments. From the return of Phelps to the first Olympic sweep in the Women’s 100m Hurdles. However, the next stop and home of the Olympics gave an impressive preview to hype everyone up for the 2020 Games. With that said, the Super Mario Closing Ceremony Appearance was beyond bomb!

Super Mario Closing Ceremony Appearance

Super Mario Closing Ceremony Appearance is Too Bomb3

If you ever played a Mario video game you probably wanted to travel down one of the famous green tunnels. That dream became a reality! The next summer games will be held in Tokyo, Japan. As per tradition during the Rio 2016 closing ceremony celebration Tokyo presented viewers with a look at what to expect.

Of course the preview had a heavy tech touch (which we loved). Nevertheless, awesome dancing and Hello Kitty also popped up. Then the Japanese Prime Minister needed to get to Rio in order to announce Tokyo as the next Olympics home.

There seemed to be no faster way than to to become Mario, drill a hole and tunnel to Rio. Ingenious! A giant green tunnel appeared on the Rio stage and out came the Prime Minister. It is a preview that you definitely have to see to believe.

Did you miss it? No worries, keep scrolling we got it for you below lovelies. Check it out and do not forget to tell us what you thought of Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics sneak peek. To get straight to the preview fast forward to 3:00 minutes.

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