Style Ambassador: SA Fashion F/W 16

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Style Ambassador: SA Fashion F/W 16

Guess who’s back? You already know, our very own style ambassador, Carly! As you may remember from past posts Carly has been busy living the life of a college girl. School keeps her hopping but she always has a place right here in the 1966 Mag fambam. Since being one of our ambassadors, she has shared many thoughts with us on how she balances school and remain looking fantastic. In today’s post she is filling us in on what’s big in fashion for SA F/W 2016!

Lets break that down just in case (wink, wink). SA F/W 2016. SA F/W 2016 means South Africa Fall/Winter 2016. Okay, everybody good? Perfect! Here’s what our lovely doll had to say:

“We are heading to winter on this side of the globe. Personally, during the seasonal transition I noticed that colours don’t really change much haha Nevertheless, there is another change that has happened. Unfortunately, I haven’t been out shopping or been fully indulging in the fashion world lately. On the daily I seem to find myself falling into my usual style, my uniform (overalls n boots) lol I am always in that! However, I do try to change it up a little colour-wise like with nude or a dusty pink. Speaking of colour for SA F/W 2016 there is a popular trend here that I can share. The whole dark green military trend its still going on here. Looks like it’s here to stay!

Style Ambassador: SA Fashion F/W 16-2Style Ambassador: SA Fashion F/W 16-3

Always nice to know what is popular or en vogue around the globe. Carly always has a few words of wisdom for us when we check in with her. We thought what she said was definitely how all of us girls should think. She mentioned,

I believe we are all winners… It is up to you whether you choose to win or lose. In everything I choose to put my mind to I choose to win.”

You go girl! Let us all continue to win. Let us all continue to succeed. It is not just about the beauty, let us always also focus on the brains and determination to turn our dreams as well as goals into realities.

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