Strolling Down Beauty Lane

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To all mall junkies around the world let this article be a warning to you. I know its fun going to makeup stores, taking in the sights and trying on samples. Believe me I get the attraction; I feel like a kid in a candy store too. Nevertheless, those wonderful samples we love to slather all over ourselves are not beauty friendly.

Researchers at the University in New Jersey found store samples to be teeming with bacteria. Can anyone say gross? Worse yet, the microscopic germs can cause an innocent tester to develop pink eye or break out. Therefore, how in this green earth is a girl supposed to figure out if that metallic purple shadow is a good buy without sampling it first?

If trying out a lipstick or foundation remove the top layer with a tissue then use a cotton swab to dab on the lipstick and a makeup sponge to apply the foundation to your skin. Want to test out a lotion? Stick to sampling the lotions contained in a tube or container with a pump. If eye shadow is what you seek use a cotton swab to apply the color of choice to your brow bone steering clear of the eyelids. Before experimenting with blush spritz the communal brush with an alcohol-based spray and let it dry for 2 minutes prior to application.