Stay Energized All Day Long

Stay Energized By Eating Healthy
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Trying to make it through a work day can sometimes be challenging. Keeping up your energy level will help you power through the hours until you can call it a day. To help you stay energized all day long we have assembled some helpful suggestions.


  • Start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Eating some type of whole grain along with some fruit and even some lean protein will help get your energy flowing right from the beginning.
  • If you feel hungry around mid-morning it’s okay to have a snack. Some fruit and low-fat cottage cheese is both refreshing and will keep your energy level up.
  • Don’t put off eating lunch at your regular time. If you wait to eat lunch when you are ravenous, all that will do is deplete your energy and possibly cause you to overeat. Eat on time so your energy and glucose levels will remain balanced.
  • Have some food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is considered “brain food” and will boost your mental energy. Tuna, salmon, walnuts and tofu are good choices you can add to your lunch or snack.
  • Avoid processed foods high in sugar, that means keep your hands out of the office candy jar or vending machine. Processed foods tend to drain your energy and therefore make the work day more difficult.

Yet another reason to avoid processed foods: Emulsifiers

  • Just like it is okay to have a mid-morning snack, you can also have an afternoon snack, especially if you plan on workout in the evening. Fruits, vegetables and yogurt are some options.
  • Drink plenty of water. Our body is mostly composted of water so if we allow ourselves to get dehydrated we end up feeling depleted. Keep water nearby so it will be available to you throughout the day. Always stop whatever you are doing and take a drink whenever you feel thirsty.

Hopefully these tips will help you have an energetic and productive day. Who knows you may impress your boss so much that you get a well deserved raise.