Star Wars: Force Awakens No.1 Film In North America Of All-Time

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Star Wars Force Awakens No.1 Film In North America Of All-Time

For years, filmmaker James Cameron was the ruler of the box office with two of his films holding the one and two slots of highest grossing movies in North America. However, Avatar and Titanic are going to have to move over a tad because there is a new kid on the block. Sources have confirmed that Star Wars: Force Awakens has snatched up the number one spot in just a matter of weeks.

Now many would instantly state that it was an easy win due to skyrocketing box office ticket prices. So then, it is of note that these numbers are based on totals not accounting for inflation. Nevertheless, this is still quite a milestone due to the fact that upon release it took Avatar seven months to rake in upwards of $750 million while Force Awakens needed a mere 20 days to total $758 million. Sorry Mr. Cameron, however, no worries we still love you… T2 forever!

Star Wars Force Awakens No.1 Film In North America Of All-Time2

James should not feel too bad because Avatar is still a “force” (we couldn’t help it LOL) to be reckoned with when it comes to box office sales on a global scale. Worldwide Avatar kicked major film butt grossing an insane $2.78 billion, slightly edging out Titanic that grossed $2.19 billion. Experts all agree that Star Wars: Force Awakens ending total gross will fall within the $2 billion global club as well. Therefore, much congratulations and props to J.J Abrams and Disney for their monumental hit.

All of this success comes too after many did not agree with the casting of John Boyega. However, it looks like John gets the final laugh because it didn’t stop or deter one person from going to see the film and even won him some additional fans. Hopefully this will continue to slice and dice the casting bias seen in Hollywood giving more opportunity to actors and actresses of color to get more choice roles.

Cool Factor: With so many blockbusters it is hard to keep all the numbers straight sometimes. However, did you know that now there has only been two films to reach the $700 million mark in North America? Avatar and now Star Wars: Force Awakens.

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Star Wars Force Awakens No.1 Film In North America Of All-Time3